Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

Well I just think chunky babies are the cutest thing ever.
Skinny ones are cute too, but sorry,
not as cute as chunky ones.
SO whenever I am giving Linford a bath or when he's sportin' a onsie or a diaper, I will always say in a cheesy baby voice,
"ohhhh, look at those cute little chunky's!"
Well, Hewitt has definitely caught on and will say the same thing in the same voice to Linford ALL THE TIME...its really cute.
Then the other day I was cleaning the floor and Hewitt came up behind me and said,
"ohhh look mom, you have cute little chunky's"
I turned and looked at him,
shaking my head I HAD TO LAUGH.
So, I brushed it off, "he's just a 3 year old" I told myself and then today I was sitting on the couch and he said it AGAIN! He said,
"ohhhh look at your cute little chunky's mom!"
AGAIN, I just had to laugh.
Kids Say the Darndest Things!


CHUNTZ said...

OMG...I love your boys!

holly said...

I dont think you have any chunkies Ashley, but I think it is cute that he says that anyway. P.s. I have skinny babies and I have to say they are every bit as cute as chunky ones. :-)

Mcbride Family said...

I think skinny ones are cute too, I just think the chunky-ness adds to the cuteness! There is something fun about squeezing the chunks,hahhahaah.

Toni said...

That is SO cute! You're right, he's just 3 and you DON'T have any chunkies!

Mendy said...

That is so freaking funny!!!! I love that age when they are just so innocent. Don't feel bad my niece tells me I have a big white booty and am fat all the time!!! She is half black so thats why the white is in there!!!

Brigitte said...

hahaha!!! That is hilarious Ash! Jayson and I were laughing pretty hard. Hewitt is so funny.

Hayley Nelson Potter said...

My 4 year old niece asked me the other day if I had a little baby in my tummy...So funny what they say. Congratulations by the way. How far along are you? Have you been pretty sick?

Vanessa said...

Oh kids, don't they make you feel like a million bucks! One time I was taking Isabel to school and I had not got dressed that day, She looked at me and said "You are not taking me to school dressed liked that are you?She was so serious! I told her I would stay in the car, she was still dying that someone might see me.

Oh and by the way you are TINY!!!

The Tuck Family said...

Hilarious....but you definatly don't have anything to worry about. One comment said "Congrats"...a baby? If so YAY for you guys!

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