Thursday, October 30, 2008

ONE of the Halloween Parties

Halloween just gets more fun the older my kids get. We have had a party EVERY day this week and Hewitt couldn't get enough! Its not like he doesn't wear a "Super Hero-Super Suit" every SINGLE day anyways! BUT he is loving it. So this is JUST the beginning of the pictures I will post....
Andi (Linford's Cousin) was Dorothy and she looked sooooo cute, and Linford as Robin.
Linford wore those glasses at every single party THE WHOLE TIME. He didn't even care that they were on....I was so happy cause it really "made" the costume. This is a boy who WILL NOT wear a hat, so I thought it would be a struggle, but thank goodness it wasn't.

Here are all the cousins
Hewitt as Batman, Andi as Dorothy, Linford as Robin, J.J. as Superman,
Mack as a Lion, and Halle as a witch

Here is our little family

Brandon and Linford

Here are all the adults who dressed up and then our boys.
My dad, me, my boys, my mom, Jordan, and Linsey
(Linford was terrified of my mom and dad)

My parents with the kids


Monday, October 27, 2008

2008 Idaho Deer Hunt

This year we hunted again in Idaho up between Preston and Montpelier in Franklin County. The first 5 days hunting we watched about 8 bucks that were smaller bucks and Bryce ended up taking a large 2point that he shot at 611 yards on his second shot, it was amazing. Josh and I decided to head back out for a few more days this weekend to the same area. Josh Dyches is my neighbor and one of my best friends. After a few more days of hunting we decided to hunt one last day in the same bowl that you see above, it is a beautiful area that is a heck of a hike to get to. Sunday morning I spotted this buck at around 600 yards walking the tree line down the mountian. I immediately knew it was a buck cause I could see the antlers without binoculars. I wanted to shoot him but knew it was a far shot so I watched him go into some trees to bed down. I kept my eye on that area for an hour and half and decided to go after him. Josh stayed behind at a vantage point and watched the area in case the buck decided to move. I hiked an hour down the one mountain and back up the other side and watched the trees where he bedded down from around 150 yards. Most bucks get up around 1pm to get a quick bite to eat, once that time hit I decided to go into his bedding area to get him. Sure enough as I went crashing through, the buck came out the other end. I heard about 5 shots ring out from across the canyon, Josh obviously was shooting at the buck and I couldn't see the deer. I finally saw him after literally running up the mountain to get to a better veiw point. Josh wounded him and had also shot through his ear and blew off his antler. I made the kill at 40 yards, so we harvested this deer on a joint effort between Josh and I. This sucker weighed 199 lbs and had a huge head and neck. It took us 4 hours to haul him out of that area and boy did it suck. Never had I wanted a drink of water more in my life. He doesn't have the biggest antlers but a good tall 3x3 with good eye guards and a big body. The game processor we took him too said he was the 2nd largest body he has seen this season. All in all I would say it was a successful year with lots of memories and fun. Thanks for all the fun this season Bryce, Josh and Dad a day of hunting even without success is better than almost any other day.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cornbelly's at ThanksGiving Point
We went to Cornbelly's at ThanksGiving Point and we had SO MUCH FUN! I don't think Hewitt or Linford stopped once to take a breath. The kids were CONSTANTLY busy, running from activity to activity.
The Picture above is me and the kids at the "Pumkin Patch" in Orem.....The kids also had a blast at this place.

Linford just chillin at the Pumkin Patch

This picture was so cute cause Hewitt was so desperately trying to put his arm around Brandon and wouldn't let the picture be taken until he was able to do it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cute video of Our Little Boys

Hewitt & Linford

Linford saying, "Batmaaaan"

Sunday, October 19, 2008

We were able to go to a LeAnne Rimes concert with Ryan & Breelyn and we had so much fun! We don't really listen to her stuff that often, but her concert was so good. She is awesome live. After listening to her, it was plain to see she has real talent.
This is at PF Changs, before the concert, its kind of a blury picture....

Friday, October 17, 2008

This is THE CUTEST video
Just Watch and you will see, Try to ignore my voice.....
J.J., Hewitt, Macko, and Cooper

Okay, it might not be "THE CUTEST EVER" video, but are they pretty darn cute?

J.J., Macko, Hewitt, Linford, and Cooper

Look at that cute cheeser smile from Cooper, isn't that darling?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Best Buddies

Hewitt & Linford
We are so glad that our two boys are so close in age. They are the best of friends and it is so fun to watch them play and interact. Hewitt is such a loving big brother and cares so much for Linford. Linford is such a well-behaved little boy that he handles Hewitt's constant attention so well.

Just Hangin out....
This was SO CUTE, I had put them on the couch in the morning right after they woke up and I left to go get some juice for them.
When I came back this is how they were laying.
Isn't that so precious???
They didn't move either they just laid there.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hewitt Playing Soccer
Hewitt played soccer this year with his BEST BUDDY Isaac. He had so much fun and it was really good for him to learn just a bit about what a team was all about.
Yay Hewitt!!!!
We love you!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


My son Hewitt seriously thinks he is a Super Hero. He will change his name a million times through out the day. I am Clark Kent, I am Bruce Wayne, I am Peter Parker.... and so on. It has become an OBSESSION. We are constantly looking at pictures of super hero's and playing super hero games. He lives in a Super Hero World.
He is definitely rubbing off on Linford. Some of Linfords first words were "batman" and "da-ta-da".

Thursday, October 9, 2008

We have SO MUCH to post,
but I thought I would EASE into it instead of do it ALL at once.
SO we will start with this CUTIE PIE!!!

Just the beginning.....
Taking his time....
Not too messy....
Hahahaha, I Look how cute I am
Look at these hands mommy....WAIT- before you clean my hands, Lets play some Peek-a-Boo!
Do you think I could get frosting anywhere else???
Ohhh, we love our little Linford! Happy Birthday BUDDY!!!

We had SO MUCH fun for Linfords Birthday! Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ITS A......

ITS A BOY!!!!!
It looks like we have another little STUD MUFFIN on the way!!! We are so excited to have another little boy to add to the mix!
(they also CHANGED my due date! So now I am 17 weeks instead of 19...oh well, gives me more time to plan. March 14th is the NEW date)

Our Famiily

Our Famiily


Hewitt is our SMART litte 4 year old. He listens and does everything I tell him to. He is the BEST big brother and my big helper too.

Linny Binny

Linny Binny
This little dude keeps us laughing all the time. He just barely turned 2 and He is so sweet and getting so big.


Harper is 7 months old. Easiest baby yet and crawls everywhere and stands up on his own too!


Our BIG Wonderful Doggy. He will be turning 4 in October! We love ya Buddy!

McBride Family

McBride Family
20 grandchildren and 1 on the way! 14 boys and 7 girls.

Brandon and I with Harper at 4 months

Brandon and I with Harper at 4 months

Linford Family

Linford Family
7 grandchildren, soon to be 8! 3 girls and 5 boys