Thursday, October 30, 2008

ONE of the Halloween Parties

Halloween just gets more fun the older my kids get. We have had a party EVERY day this week and Hewitt couldn't get enough! Its not like he doesn't wear a "Super Hero-Super Suit" every SINGLE day anyways! BUT he is loving it. So this is JUST the beginning of the pictures I will post....
Andi (Linford's Cousin) was Dorothy and she looked sooooo cute, and Linford as Robin.
Linford wore those glasses at every single party THE WHOLE TIME. He didn't even care that they were on....I was so happy cause it really "made" the costume. This is a boy who WILL NOT wear a hat, so I thought it would be a struggle, but thank goodness it wasn't.

Here are all the cousins
Hewitt as Batman, Andi as Dorothy, Linford as Robin, J.J. as Superman,
Mack as a Lion, and Halle as a witch

Here is our little family

Brandon and Linford

Here are all the adults who dressed up and then our boys.
My dad, me, my boys, my mom, Jordan, and Linsey
(Linford was terrified of my mom and dad)

My parents with the kids



Adam, Crystal & Alaya Smith said...

Those are really cute pictures!! I love the boys costumes, way cute!! What are you guys plans for tomorrow night? U going to Joshs and christinas?

Hayley Nelson Potter said...

Those are the cutest superheros I have ever seen! I LOVE country, its one of my favorites. Also are you kidding me, we are always up for getting a babysitter and having a date night. Talk to Brandon and we will keep intouch.Where did you get your costume? So cute.

jlohran said...

I love that your parents dressed up-- and their costumes were awesome! I amy need to boorow someday!

jennifer hulet said...

I love your little "Superheroes". They look so cute! Halloween is so much fun with little kids! I hope your doing good.
Love ya,

Brian and Brandy said...

your party looked so fun and most the adults at your party dressed up I was the only adult at our party to dress up! They were all big baby's! the kids look so cute all dressed up!

Spencer.Aiona.Simon said...

Okay, post didn't make it! I left a comment this morning, but I guess I forgot to click it in! :) I just love you Ashley! And I cannot WAIT to sew tomorrow! :) And, I is amazing that we have grown up being greatest friends and we will be the greatest friends FOREVER! :) loVE YOU!

Ryan and Breelyn Ehin said...

YES! We need to plan something SOON! We had such a blast with you guys, like always! I LOVE the darling Halloween costumes! You have such a darling family! So maybe lets try and plan something for next week or weekend?

G Gang said...

You all look so great!! I love the costumes!

Trudy and Jamo Fitt said...

cute halloween costumes! everyone looks awesome! how fun!

Lewis.Muriel.Ollie said...

Wow what a cute family! Love all the costumes! I ran into your mom and Jordan the other day I just love them!

Nicky said...

Ashley! Of course I remember you...silly! How are you!? I've thought about you every year at alumni and missed you. I'm so glad you found my blog. Let's stay in touch. You look great and your family is beautiful!

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