Thursday, September 24, 2009

Linford's Birthday Gifts and Thanksgiving Point Farm

Here is Linford on his birthday first thing in the morning.

He loves motorcycles
He loves his magnifying glass, he loves to look at bugs with it
His two favorite presents
He LOVES these football players. Hewitt got one for his birthday and Linford plays with it all the time, so we got him his own.


I absolutely love this place. Probably as much as my kids do. I love animals. Right now the farm has a baby calf, a baby foal, a baby goat (kid), a baby piglet, and a humongous bull. They are SOOOOO cute.
I usually would never attempt to really go to a place like this all by myself with 3 kids under the age of 4
I will tell you a secret.
If you between 6pm and 8pm it is completely empty. Every time I go at these times, its just me and my kids and the entire farm all to ourselves. We do a million pony rides, and they run from animal to animal and my kids have the entire farm to themselves.
My stress level goes way way down, although I guess my stress level is never really ever that high to begin with. But its nice to not worry about losing the kids, or them having to be polite or you know!
Anyway- here are some cute pictures.
Harper loved it too!
Hewitt always loves riding the ponies and horses

Getting ready to head out

Me and my boys

We were looking at the bull.
and his humongous horns.

I love my kids, I just think they are so dang cute.


Alisa said...

Stella loves the farm to we go a few times a week!!

Whitney said...

Your a trooper! I am dieing to take Remi there but its just been kind of crazy.... It was fun seeing you for a split second the other day :)

Allie Linford said...

Cute kids for sure. I love Linford's Birthday pictures he is precious. We would love to come to the farm with you sometime. We had such a great time last year.

Ashley said...

Those football jerseys are so freaking cute. Hooray for football season!

Meradith and Jason said...

I will totally agree with you, you and Brandon have an awesome baby recipe!! Your boys are so so handsome. Thanksgiving point is always a good time, if you can get past the goats creepy eyes! Don't you think those eyes are creepy? Ha. I love the farm animals too, I will have to listen to your advice about the right time of day to go. By the way, thank you for the comment that you left me. You always leave the most genuine, kind and encouraging comments and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate it!

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Our Famiily


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