Monday, November 2, 2009


Yes, I have decided to do it.
He is just barely turned 2 and I have had this philosophy that you wait till they're older and then its an easier switch.
Well, he is ready.
He has been for a while now
but I wasn't ready,
(I believe the success of your child's potty training depends ALOT on the parent and how hard and consistant they are with the child)
NOW I am ready.
We are going on 2 days now and only one "wet" accident.

I go cold turkey.
No diapers, no pull-ups, JUST UNDIES.
Even at night.
He has stayed dry through naps and through the night so far
so wish us luck that he keeps doing so well!

He looks so cute in his little boxer-briefs, I just had to take a picture.
Bye-Bye diapers!

This is what I do:
These two things only confuse the child. They are pretty much the exact same thing and feel pretty much the exact same way to a child. There's not really any difference between the two.

People try and say they only use them at night....what is that teaching a child? It teaches them that they can pee and poo freely at night but they must use the toilet during the day. What happens when you decide to stop using the diapers at night?

Same thing with using diapers or pull-ups when you are "running errands"....they learn that they don't have to control their bladder or bowel movements when they are out and about.
I think it is confusing for the kids and therefore interrupts their success.

Simplicity and consistancy is the key.

It's easier for me to keep my little guy in undies and a T-shirt all day.

BIG BIG KEY- take them to the potty EVERY 40-45 minutes.
No Matter what.
Don't ask them, most of the time they will say no.
Just take them and put them on the potty.
Take them before you get in the car to go somewhere,
Take them as soon as you arrive (even at the grocery store)
If you are leaving and you have been there for a while...take them again.
Don't ask them, just do it.
Especially if they just ate food or had a drink.

Then stop drinks about 2-3 hours before bedtime.
This can be really difficult.
My trick is I give him water in a cup instead of a sippy cup and I only pour in a tiny tiny amount. Then I also load him full of water in the morning and after his nap to make sure he is getting enough fluids.

Put them to bed.
Remind them that they are in undies and they need to go in the toilet.
They may not get it yet, but they will soon enough.
First few nights might be hit and miss as far as a wet bed or not.
change the sheets.
It might be a pain but they figure it out really soon if you stay consistant.

Bathroom right before naps and as soon as they wake up.
Bathroom right before bed and as soon as they get up in the morning.

It sounds like alot of work and it is. BUT it is atmost 2-3 weeks and you are done! They catch on so fast. It is so worth it to put in the work and then you BOTH see results.


I also suggest that you don't have your boys stand up yet.
Atleast not till they have this all down.
Plus it helps for #2
I have some tips for #2 as well...if you have any questions about that just ask :)


Ashley said...

There is something so adorable about a little naked boy in underwear; Eli hardly wears clothes anymore and I am totally cool with it. Good luck.
PS Get the DVD "Potty Power." It's magic.

The Bell Family said...

It's so funny that you posted this because I just finished potty training Deacon a few weeks ago and I did it exactly the same way. He is doing great with no pull ups at night or naps. he never has accidents. I am so glad I did it early this time instead of waiting until he was three like I did with my first. It was actually really easy this time around. Is there anything cuter than a bum with undies on it? I pat his bum like 20 times a day. I think it is so dang cute.

Kathy said...

Way to go Ashley and Linford! I am SO glad those days are behind me:). I love all of your pictures... what cute little boys you have:)

Chris and Mindy said...

Thanks for posting this!! He is SO cute in his little boxer briefs!!

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