Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday at the park...

Brandon and the Boys


Playing Catch with Linny

Linford and Brandon

Down, Set, Hike!


kicking the ball

Such a natural

Linford had a blast playing football with dad.

The kids loved climbing and sitting in this tree.


This is my favorite thing that he does.

Hewitt kept begging for us to take his picture. He kept finding new poses for him and everyone else.

Harper LOVES slides

Hewitt took this picture...ain't to bad for a 4 year old!
We found a wonderful park yesterday. The place we are at has no grass. I never thought I would miss grass that much or that I really ever loved it, but- now that I don't have it... Anyway, this park had alot of it, and I was so happy.

Hi Grammy and Popps!!!

This is a very very "raw" video.
My kids wanted to make a video for their Grammy and Popps
who they miss so much and this is it.
I tried and tried sending it to them various other ways-
and failed.
I am posting it on here and now I guess everyone can see it.

Here you go Grammy and Popps:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Day in the Life of....

Here are just a few pictures that I took today.
Our life has been VERY RELAXED the past week or so.
There hasn't been too much that is extremely exciting.....
except today was great because we were able to go swimming again!
We haven't been able to get out to the pool because of the weather the past 2 days.
I love how swimming makes the time fly by.
I love how my kids have so much fun and wear themselves out.
I love that they are so hungry and eat all their dinner when we come in from swimming.
I love that they don't argue or give excuses when its time for bed because they are so tired.
I love Hewitt's cute freckles on his face from being out in the sun.
I love how WELL-BEHAVED they are at the pool and how wonderfully they listen.

We had a good fun day!

(Here are just a few pictures...I feel bad I didn't get any of Hewitt)
Taking a break...eating apples and warming up in the hot sun...

I love these sun glasses from Crazy 8

Every morning I go work out and so Brandon is usually the one who wakes up with the kids. This is what I saw when I walked in the door this morning. So cute.


He'll say, "Mommy, I'm just like Popps"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Long Time, No Post

Wow! Its been a while. There is FAR too much to post to catch you up on EVERYTHING that has been going on. There are so many pictures and stories I wish I could share but I think it will just overwhelm me and anyone who might be reading. SO- Here is a "short" version of the past few months that we've missed.

Hewitt: Is reading and probably the smartest 4 year old that I know. I am proud to say that. He is very passionate about everything in life. He is amazing. I can't believe how responsible he is for a 4 year old. He listens so well to everything we say and is SO obedient. I love this about him.

Just returned from "Pirate Island"

Linford: Is very mischievous, BUT very tender. He is our little sports man. He is mostly obsessed with basketball. He is so good at it. He's been surprising us lately with alot of newer, bigger words and speaking so clearly. He is one that we are constantly keeping an eye on because he is very independent and curious.
Playing his FAVORITE game

Harper: He turned 1 year old in March! Oh, he is just getting so big, so fast. He walks, runs and thinks he is 3 years old. He now has 4 teeth on top and 2 teeth on bottom (and counting).He gets very upset when I try to help him do things, Like, "mom, I can do this by myself.....Hewitt and Linford are..." He now says, "UH-OH" and "Whoaaaa" Very cute. He is a little mess maker and I am constantly cleaning up after this one. He is kind of following in Linfords shoes as far as the mischievous thing goes.
Eating his birthday cakeThis is what he does when I tell him to, "SMILE"

Just being cute

His birthday party...waiting to blow the candle...

Needless to say, I love and adore my kids more than anything. I don't know what I would do without them.

So Brandon an I decided to embark on a new adventure. Brandon decided to join his friend and do security systems this summer. We will be in Texas till June and then Oklahoma till September. We will miss our families more than ever but we are excited too. Brandons brother Bryce said he'd watch our big doggy, thank goodness for his kindness...we will miss our Bossy so much.

We drove out to Texas on Friday and things are going great! My kids were AMAZING on the drive down here. I was a little worried and we were going to stop half way- but they hadn't made a peep so we drove the whole way. 15 hours. I am PROUD to say that ALL 3 kids (under the age of 4) were happy and quiet the entire way. I was pleasantly surprised.

So far, we have just been enjoying the hot weather and the pool. Its been great. I will try and take more pictures, and I will be posting again very soon!

We're back!!!

Hey Everyone! I am finally back to the blogging world! Here is just a little preview of our life the past day or so and I will follow up with a better update very SOON!

Our Famiily

Our Famiily


Hewitt is our SMART litte 4 year old. He listens and does everything I tell him to. He is the BEST big brother and my big helper too.

Linny Binny

Linny Binny
This little dude keeps us laughing all the time. He just barely turned 2 and He is so sweet and getting so big.


Harper is 7 months old. Easiest baby yet and crawls everywhere and stands up on his own too!


Our BIG Wonderful Doggy. He will be turning 4 in October! We love ya Buddy!

McBride Family

McBride Family
20 grandchildren and 1 on the way! 14 boys and 7 girls.

Brandon and I with Harper at 4 months

Brandon and I with Harper at 4 months

Linford Family

Linford Family
7 grandchildren, soon to be 8! 3 girls and 5 boys