Saturday, April 30, 2011


I am a crier
I have always shown emotion very easily
sad, mad, happy...
I don't hide my emotions very well
If I feel them, you will see them

When I am pregnant, I CRY ALOT
Not because I am sad, mad or happy
Its because EVERYTHING I feel is MAGNIFIED
Every thought is put under a telescope and I immediately FEEL it so strong
I know that this is a result of pregnancy
It HAS to be

Not JUST the hormones but I think every time I am pregnant I start analyzing life
I start to think about priorities, family, friends, motherhood, LIFE
AND somehow everything I hear and see pertains to these parts of LIFE
I find myself crying about commercials, songs, books, pictures, home-videos, jokes, even sometimes just seeing a cute family at a park, my kids saying sweet things to eachother or to me, hearing other peoples problems, others happy stories.
I could probably start a sob-fest just "thinking" of these moments.

I used to just pass it off as a side effect to pregnancy. A hormone thing. BUT I am on my 4th child and I am beginning to think its more than that. I think its something we are meant to experience as part of motherhood. I think its so neat that I can feel so much and so deep. Even if the things I cry about seem minuscule. I know you don't have to CRY to FEEL something deep....Its just a way that I MYSELF "feel" and feel deeply.
Its a BIG part of my daily life lately so I thought I would share
I would post a picture of myself crying but I thought I would save myself the embarrassment.


Mendy said...

Ok well I am probably the most emotion person you will know even not prego so when I am I can totally relate!!! SERIOUSLY sometimes it gets so embarrassing....I just can't control my emotions...I love that you are pregnant again maybe I missed that post or something cause I just found out today haha!!!! I am so excited for you to find out what it is!!! We really need to get together one of these times when you are in Orem or happen to come through St. George!!!

Allie Linford said...

I love that about you!

robandkayla said...

Oh i cry sooo easily too!! A lady in my ward told me on Sunday that when I went up to bear my testimony her son leaned over to her and said.. "Here come the water works" ha ha ha CONGRATS on baby number 4!!! Dang look at you guys pumping them out! How far are you?

Leah said...

Are you kidding me, I'm the worst! It's embarrassing sometimes. It's rare if a Sunday goes by and I didn't shed a few tears at church. This week I even found myself tearing up at the show "the office." Yes... THE OFFICE!!! Haha, glad we have that in common. Love you and your sappy hormonal pregnant butt!!

Chantelle Olsen Peavler said...

I am totally there with you!! I am a crier too when I am not pregnant, so when I am pregnant, I am a total mess!!!

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