Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Pictures!!!!!


8 Months Old
Smile: 6 weeks
Sleeping through the Night: 2 months
Roll Over:3 months
Sit up:6 months
Crawl: 7 months
Pull him self up:7 months
Weighs: 21 pounds (at 7 months)
How Tall: 28 inches (at 7 months)
AND I swear he says, "mama" and "dada"!!!! (7 months)
FIRST TOOTH: 8 months


Hayley Nelson Potter said...

Wow look at his face, it is to die for. Love his new pictures.

Allison Linford said...

Yes, Ashley he does say 'Ma, Ma I Have heard him too. He is so grogeous. I love those pictures.

jEn said...

Ash your boys are so darling. you look so good i love your hair dark. im glad you found me. i love knowing what everyone is up to. isn't blogging the best! your fam is so cute!

jeffandlorraine said...

He is darling!!! The pictures are so cute!

da linfords said...

Where did you go for your pics? Fotogenix? Well they turned out really good... I totally want a copy of those. Linford is so cute!

Kathy said...

He is a darling baby! I'm so glad you are enjoying your time with your babies.... it goes by way too fast!

CHUNTZ said...

Just saved youunder Linford under my'll always be a linford to me!

Shawn and Erica said...

Hi! I didn't know you had a blog!! I am so so bad at keeping up on it! We moved a month ago to Arkansas and I just BARELY posted a blog about that! No kids yet...maybe I'll just borrow yours cuz they are so cute!! I wanna squish his little face like I'm sure most people do! Glad you found me on here! Oh and stop stealing Aiona from me! he he he...

jennifer hulet said...

Linford is such a cute little guy!! The pictures are adorable,I love how happy he is:),he must get that from you!!

The Tuck Family said...

Wow, just look at those out girls! He's way cute Ash, and it's sounds like he is a real go getter from the stats!

The Tidwell Family said...

I cant believe how big he has gotten. He is so freaking cute!

Audra & Tyson said...

Hey, how are you! Your little boy is so cute. London is 9 months now and it's so amazing how much they change each day, as you know from your first.
Your fam is adorable. I hope all is going well!

Sara said...

What a cutie patootey! Such a sweet smile!

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