Wednesday, May 19, 2010

El Paso Friends and Routines

Everyday we go swimming with these little friends.
I am so glad my kids have them to play with and that I have their mom's to hang out with. They are military families that live here at our complex with us.

Hewitt and Isaiah

Here is Hewitt and Isaiah....
Mia (his little sister) and Linford are sitting next to them

Hewitt and Isaiah in the Hot Tub

Hewitt, Isaiah blue and Isaiah green
(Hewitt refers to them by their floaty colors)

Hewitt, Isaiah blue, Isaiah green, and Mia

Hewitt, Isaiah blue, Mia, Isaiah green and Linny

Multiple times a day,
we go outside and eat popsicles and dry off after swimming
or just soak up the sun
or wait for Daddy to come home....
I know I already posted pictures of these little dudes eating popsicles
but it such a big part of our day and they look so dang cute,
I had to put more up...


Leah said...

I love all those popsicle pics!! It's so nice that you've met some friends in the complex. It makes the time go by so much faster. The only really hard thing is when you leave! I remember last year Jace made a little buddy and it was heartbreaking to leave and the boys were so sad :( Just be better at keeping in touch than I am! Funny that there are two Isaiah's and that they are referred to by their floaties, so cute!!

Allie Linford said...

Those are such cute pictures. I'm so glad they have made friends, the friends are cute kids as well. I love the Popsicle pictures, I could see those a million times and never get tired of them. I miss those little guys, but it's been so nice to be able to skype everyday that really does help. You and Brandon look amazing Texas must agree with you but don't get any ideas about staying. We miss all of you.

Mendy said...

Oh I love the little blonde, I hope I get at least one blonde kid!!!!! Still waiting on Ivy's to change hopefully!!!!! Hey thanks for your tips on flying did you ever fly with a baby....I am nervous about her ears.....any tips on that!!!! You are a pro now hahaha!!!!

Spence and Aiona ... said...

Ooohhhh, that looks like too much fun! I am going crazy with this weather we are having! Miss you guys!

The Bell Family said...

How fun that they've made little friends! When will you ever get an entire summer to just swim and eat popsicles every day? Sounds perfect! I totally know what you're saying about the boys not getting enough Daddy time. My husband works late a lot and when he can't make it home for their nightly wrestling match, I do my best to fill in. It's just not the same. They're always telling me "Joker doesn't say that mom!" or "You're supposed to be the Riddler and control our minds!" I can't seem to get it right.

We find out about Houston in a few weeks. He is going there for two weeks to check it out and then they will tell us when he gets back. It's looking pretty likely though.

Our Famiily

Our Famiily


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Linny Binny
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