Thursday, May 6, 2010


Well we have an OBSESSED little boy

Its alot of fun

  • The temper tantrums and complete melt downs when he can't wear a basket ball jersey (sometimes a football jersey will do...on a good day)and basket ball shorts to church or.... EVERY single day for that matter
  • or when I try to make him wear some thing else for another occasion, like say bed time, or swimming...
  • or when he cries and cries because we have to leave the basket ball court...
  • or when my husband leaves to play church ball at 8:30pm (Linford's bedtime) and he runs upstairs to change his jammies (that I JUST barley took an hour or more to convince him to change into) and puts on a basket ball uniform JUST like Daddy so he can go play too....
  • or when the whole family is going swimming and he says to me, "no mommy, I don wanna go whimming today....I jus wanna stay an play baket-ball"...(in his words)
We love this little dude.
I love the age he is at and that he has such a passion for a sport.
Atleast its Basketball
and not xbox, tv or computer games
(no offense to anyone)
I really do think his little obsession is funny, and quite impressive.

Linford is definitely a natural.
I love that he never gives up.
If he misses a shot- he doesn't get discouraged, he just shoots again and again till he makes it.
He is dribbling and shooting all over the place.

We had to leave our HOOP back in utah so we bought him a new one out here.
Its kind of hard to really capture is excellence
but here are some good shots.
I'll keep trying to get some more of his amazing moments.

Remember he is just 2 years old.


Anonymous said...

haha, what a stud. I just showed my husband his last shot and we were totally impressed with his skills. He is awesome!!!

frenchessential said...

SOOOOOOOOOO adorable!!! LOVE YOU LINNY! Hurry back so Simon can shoot hopes with you, we miss you!

jasonandlizaruys said...

You're such a cute mom Ashley. Those videos are going to be priceless one day. He's such a cutie.

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