Monday, June 14, 2010

June Bugs

June in El Paso

We were at the park.
An ice cream truck came.
(We NEVER buy the over-priced ice cream from the creepy man)
We did this day
My kids were in
h e a v e n

The boys little friend Isaiah and his mom (my friend) Sara invited us to the pool.
This isn't the regular pool we go to every single day (insert boring face).
This was a pool on the military base.
I had to get a pass to get on base, and then we are good for 7 days!
We have been twice with them, and we have had so much fun!
There were slides and all sorts of toys that sprayed water.
The kids had a blast.

I can't get enough of this little dude

Hewitt, Isaiah and Linny

This was
"the big, roundy, windy, twirly-whirly slide"
(in Hewitts words)
He went on this over and over all by himself.
Really made me realize just how big he is.

Taking a break with the push-ups.
Harper was a M E S S

Harper was getting tired.
He's not really a cuddle-bug.
SO when he does
-t h i s-
I have to savor every moment.

Me and the little dudes.


Allie Linford said...

Love this post, the kids are so cute. It looks like they are having a good summer. These pictures make me miss them so much. I can't wait to see them and actually hold them in my arms again. Counting the days...

frenchessential said...

HOW FUN!!! I wish we were there with you or you were here with us, we MISS YOU! And p.s. YOU look amazing my dear, and you don't need to run, but when you get back, do you want to do one together? Let me know, I would love to do a run with you! LOVE you!

Toni said...

I just heard from Cass that you guys moved to Texas! I must have missed that post... I'm not on top of my game anymore. Looks like you guys are staying cool at the pool!

Harper was reminding me of Lincoln in this post. Lincoln absolutely does not cuddle with us, either. Even when he just wakes up, he has to be sitting up and looking around. I love those cuddly moments!

Hayley Nelson Potter said...

You look like such a fun mom Ashley!

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Our Famiily


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Linny Binny
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Harper is 7 months old. Easiest baby yet and crawls everywhere and stands up on his own too!


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