Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lots and Lots

This past week was a busy one for us...
Busy for us out here in El Paso.
Usually we go swimming twice a day,
with occasional visits to the store and to the park,
and that is about it.
This past week
a "wife and kids" of one of the guys here
came out to visit for a few days.
It was nice to see some new faces,
and for the kids to have some fun friends to play with.

We went out to lunch with these little people
and are they not the cutest kids ever?
Hewitt, Brooklyn, Jace, Linford, Brody, Avery, and Harper

Me and the kiddos

The cuties again
Hewitt, Jace, Linny, Brody, Avery and Harper

Harper and Brooklyn are so cute together.
This is my friend Taryn's little gal and they get along so well.

We went to this awesome park yesterday.
It had little sprayers that the kids could go push a button and cool off.
The kids LOVED it.
Jace, Hewitt, Harper and Linny

I was able to go out with the girls last night to a movie...
a very rare occasion for me out here in El Paso
Christina, Taryn, Heidi, Edelyn, Terra and me


Allie Linford said...

I'm going to steal the picture of you and your kids. It looks like the cover of a mother and child fashion magazine. You look gorgeous!!!! I'm so so glad you posted again it's been too long. You should be getting your package anyway now. Use the phone inside to PHONE HOME.... We MISS all of you....The kids look great Big kisses and a "SQWEEZ"

Spence and Aiona ... said...

How fun! And you look so beautiful!!! We still have your invite for Talei's wedding! There are a TON of invites still at our house, that a) either came back to us, or b) we never got addresses for and it was so crazy...but I will still give it to you! :D Spencer is missing you guys, so hurry home! (And okay, me too!) xxoo

Eliza said...

The boys are buzzed! How cute!!! You look tan and hot! I bet you're loving that sun!!!

Chantelle Olsen Peavler said...

That picture of all those kiddos is so stinking cute. You are so tan...I want to go sit in the sun :) You look so so pretty.

HaroldM22 said...
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paige and jord said...

Ash you are soo pretty! love your hair. and i dont think your boys could be ANY cuter!!

Laurel Rasmusen said...

Those pics turned out so cute! We had so much fun with you this past week. So nice to finally meet you and now I am so excited to come to Oklahoma and hang out everyday! And a HUGE thank you for letting my kids come to your apt everyday! You are seriously the sweetest person. Wish I woulda went out with you sexy ladies to that movie! We'll do lots of girl stuff later this summer ;)

ps... when you get your new phone let me know your number so we can text!!

Laurel Rasmusen said...

Oh my gosh!! I keep forgetting to sign out of my sisters name... that was me commenting up above!

Jen and Lance said...

Ash! you made me laugh when you were talking about your sewing machine. I should probably go to that store and learn how to thread. You look gorgeous by the way! Beautiful! And all those kids are so dang cute.

Nicky said...

Ashley! I did not know you were in El Paso! I lived in Las Cruces for 7 years, not too far from there. I love your bangs. You look beautiful and sound very happy.

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