Sunday, August 15, 2010

and a cute little story

I love these three pictures. These kids are so funny together. They were all on here playing and I just had to get a picture. Look how tan Linny and Avery are!

These next few pictures are of my kids playing at this park that has an army tank and my kids had a blast. This was one of those days where I had nothing to do and no where to be. The kids could just play till they wanted to leave and we were in no rush. I love watching them use their imaginations.

Cute Little Story:

Let me tell you first
I get stared at everywhere I go. Not as bad as I did in El Paso when I was the only
"non-hispanic" person.
Not only was I the only white girl but I have -THREE- little "toe-heads".
I have heard a million comments, to my face and behind my back.
Mostly good and nice comments,
my kids are very well behaved in the store (knock on wood).
I know I am very lucky. I make them all ride in the cart.
Its way more efficient and controllable.
Something I always think about is that its funny how in Utah Valley I am the "norm".
Most 26 year old women have been married 7 years and have 2,3,4 kids.
MOST don't get 2 and 3 glances as the walk through the store or down the street.
Kind of funny....

here's the story:

We were in the bread aisle and there was an older lady probably 70 yrs. old
(which isn't too old, but to Hewitt, it is) standing next to me.
Of course she stared at me for a while.
Not in a rude manner, but more of a, "wow, she's got her hands full" kind of look.
Which I get I looked at her and smiled. Then as the lady is smiling back,

Hewitt says: "mom, that lady looks like your Grandma"
Old lady: "oh I look like your grandma???"
Hewitt: "Noooooo-hoooooo, you look like MY MOM's Grandma"
The lady had sort of a confused look on her face.
I just turned to her and said, "oh thats a compliment...."
hahahhahaha, it was funny.
Love my kiddos.


Chantelle Olsen Peavler said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your little boys. They are so stinking cute. I love how proud you are as a mom. You are such an amazing mom. You sound like me trying to play catchup with the summer events. LOVE IT!!!

Leah said...

Those pics you took at that park with the army tank are so dang cute of your boys! That story is hilarious, you recovered nicely though! Haha, "Nooooo you are way older than my Grandma! And my Grandma is HOT too!" That's what Hewitt meant to say! lol

The Bell Family said...

Cute pictures! I love tan little boys in the summer! I totally know how you feel with the staring. I get it here in LA and I only have two boys. People ask me all the time if they're mine. They think I'm too young to have kids that age and than I must be the nanny.

Love the story about the Grandma. Don't you love when your kids say things to strangers that are brutally honest?

Your boys are adorable. I may be joining you in the three boy club soon.

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