Thursday, August 19, 2010

The OKC Zoo
A BAD Dream

Okay now I haven't been to a TON of Zoo's
I have been to a few and I
the OKC Zoo can't deny the fact that on Wednesdays admission is a DOLLAR
Hot dogs, drinks and popcorn are a DOLLAR
Then.....the animals are so ACTIVE!
Everytime we have gone we see something cool happen.
The Lions are always up and going and coming up to the glass, its so cool.
This last time we went we saw a number of cool things.

We saw a small Jaguar fight which was neat...Hewitt talked about it for the rest of the day,

We saw two bears get in a fight, growling and roaring...pretty cool,

Then the Gorilla's were playing and wrestling with their baby.
I have never seen anything like it first hand.
They are so cute and so much like humans its so cool and funny.
They were laughing and teasing eachother, and throwing dirt at eachother. It was so fun for the kids to see.

Then while we were looking at the cougar

(which my kids LOVE cougars, because of BYU Cougars and Cosmo the cougar)

Hewitt was sitting on the fence looking at the Cougar just chillin in its little cove, Hewitt fell in the bushes and the Cougar jumped up and came walking over....Hewitt was SO scared, I haven't seen him that scared in a long time. It was kind of sweet.
I grabbed him. We were convinced that he startled the cougar and thats why he got up and came over to investigate. It was kind of cool.

We were also able to hold these birds on our arms which was pretty neat as well.

LOVE the ZOO!!!


I had this horrible dream about Harper drowning in the pool.
Having my kids around water is so scary for me.
I have heard story after story of kids drowning
and its so scary for me.
Harper is a fish by the way and NOT SCARED of ANYTHING.
He will jump in the pool at any given moment.
He absolutely HATES his life jacket
and literally has anxiety attacks when I put it on him and vomits.
SO, I try to be on my toes and lets just say going to the pool by myself is
in the least bit.

In my dream we were at the pool as a family and Brandon was in charge of the older boys and I was in charge of Harper.
It was an Indoor/Outdoor pool
and the Indoor was being renovated, but it still had water in it, but workers all around.
Harper kept running into where the Indoor pool was and jumping in.
I had to keep jumping in to the very bottom of the pool and retrieve him.
It happened like 5 or 6 times.
Everyone just watched.
The life guards and Brandon...everyone.
I was exhausted and scared and frustrated....
Then I decided,
"this is it, he is going to wear his life jacket"
so I put it on him and of course he ran and jumped in again.
I wasn't too stressed because he had his life jacket on.
Then I soon realized the life jacket didn't work!!!
he still sunk straight to the bottom.
So again, in complete PANIC,
I jumped in after my little baby.
as I was swimming to save him I was looking at his face,
scared to death
...big scared, terrified look in his eyes
right before I reached him

I woke up.

I have been thinking about it all day.

Later this morning my good friend Leah came over and
asked if I wanted to get my kids and go swimming.

My dream flashed through my mind.
We ended up going and nothing bad happened and we had a great time.
But it really shook me.
My dreams are always so vivid and real.
I always remember my dreams
this one was so scary for me.


Leah said...

I hate dreams like those, especially when they are so vivid and involves your kids. At least it makes you more careful and watchful over them right?! You're a great mom and I could never see you letting your little ones be in any danger.

LOVE the zoo! It was so fun to go and the kids had a great time with eachother. I need to copy some of your pics, they are so cute! Avery loves your boys!

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