Thursday, September 16, 2010

Funny thing...
A friend of ours just did a blog post of how much
she HATED the fair
We went to the OKC Fair today
and I will tell you how much
I LOVE the Fair...
Funny how everyone has different experiences
at these kind of things,
but I love going to the fair
The only thing is, its
other than that- I think its a blast
Last year we went and Linford was terrified to do anything
this year he loved it and did everything that Hewitt did.
Hewitt won himself a little stuffed animal and he was SO proud of himself.
I was quite proud too, yes I cheered him on.
He threw darts at balloons and actually popped them!
We got some cotton candy too which the kids LOVED and you can't do without that at the fair, right???
My aunt Susan and Uncle Brent took us and
I couldn't have been more thankful!

Here are a bunch of pictures of my cuties and some fun we had.
I don't have my camera so these are courtesy of my iphone.

Hewitt on Uncles Brents shoulders walking into the Fair

Hewitt was so giddy

AND so was this little dude

This is Linny's "new" face that you will begin to see in every picture
which to me is darling because he thinks it makes
him look mean or scary and if you know Linford he is FAR from either of those things.

The Merry GO Round
There were mirrors lining the inside of the
Merry Go Round
and he watched himself the entire time just making all sorts of faces.


Monsters Inc
...Love this one...

Can't pass up HULK

This one was their favorite

The only picture I could get of Harper,
he was pretty entertained with all the people and the lights and noise

We had fun!
We will definitely go back, they hold the fair for 11 days here in OKC so we'll go back a few times. Next time I will have to get some pictures of the kids playing games and more of rides and some of the animals.


Alisa said...

I love your bangS!!!

Spence and Aiona ... said...

How fun!!!! I wanted to go the Utah State fair so badly but we missed it but not going to complain because I get to see my sister. :) miss you so much, hurry back! Xxoo

Leah said...

Wish I could have joined you! WE would have had so much fun! I love the fair too and JD hates it. I'm gonna be going to the AZ state fair in November with the girls since our hubby's won't join us. Hmmmm, wonder if Ash will be here to join us??!! ;)

The Bell Family said...

Such cute pictures! I love the fair too! Your boys are so cute. Love them.

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Our Famiily


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