Monday, February 7, 2011



I do feel like I am getting old
I have 3 kids, and I am down to only having one more, maybe 2...what the?
I met my husband when I had JUST turned 19!
and NOW I am 27???
I am not "sad" or "depressed" that I am getting older
I just wish time would slow down a bit
I try to enjoy the stages of life and what the future brings
I try to embrace where I have been and where I am going in life
I just wish I had more time to do it
Needless to say, it was a WONDERFUL birthday
We were in Idaho still and Brandons family showered me with love

Sandra made me her famous chocolate cake
These three were dying to eat it right away

Especially Linford

Harper and I

The McBride family
minus Brynn and Brandon
Mark and Sandra took us out
to this amazing place for my birthday dinner

Sandra, Mark, Kecia and Rote

Chris, Tomie, Brandon, Wendy and Brooke

Bryce and Cass
Love this picture cause it says alot about their personalities
Love them!

I know this picture is CHEESY
but it portrays Brandon and I's relationship very well
(I'm a goof and brandons always a little embarrassed)
so I had to post it

Brandon and I


Ambo said...

Happy birthday beautiful!!!!!!! Hugs to you, Your amazing

Chantelle Olsen Peavler said...

I swear I know that girl named "Cass" in one of your pictures! Did she go to aesthetic school? I think I used to do her eyelashes?? Maybe not! You are so beautiful in all these pictures BTW!

Leah said...

I LOVE Linford eyeing that cake, hahaha! Glad you had a good bday. You are getting SOOO old! But as long as you stay friends with me, you'll always be the younger one... Dang! ;)

rebecca said...

glad you had a happy day! that cake looks delish...

ps- have i ever told you i am in love with the fact that you named your baby linford? in. love.

Our Famiily

Our Famiily


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Linny Binny

Linny Binny
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Harper is 7 months old. Easiest baby yet and crawls everywhere and stands up on his own too!


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McBride Family
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Brandon and I with Harper at 4 months

Brandon and I with Harper at 4 months

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Linford Family
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