Monday, June 28, 2010

A Day in The Life....

I think I have posted something like this before...
I can't get enough of being a mom to these little dudes.
Our lives are NOT perfect.
My kids are NOT perfect.
I definitely am NOT perfect.
There is a LOT more I could do better at...
A LOT more I could improve on...
But when I choose to live in the
with these precious boys,
I find myself completely WRAPPED up in

Harper Update:
He says SO MANY WORDS!!!
Here are a few I can think of off the T O P of my head:
Mom (not mommy)
Dad (not daddy)
yay (while clapping)
Bat-bet-bow (basketball)
foo-bow (football)
I wan-sum (I want some)
E-mo (elmo)
Ewwww (when he sees a bug or dirty diaper)
Bird-E (Birdie)
Vroom (when he plays with the cars)
Hi (with a wave)
Bye (with a wave)
eyes (while pointing to his eye)

He does the sounds of:
Doggy Barking
Cow Mooing
Duck Quacking
Gorilla pounding his chest
bird tweeting
Dinosaur and other roaring animals Roaring
kitty meowing

ACTIONS: Puts a finger up and says, Uh-uh...Uh-uh
Blows kisses
Gives kisses
tackles and wrestles (he's the one who starts it)
Boxes with Boxing gloves

SINGS: do as I'm doing, itsy bitsy spider, and no more monkeys jumping on the bed

He just got a bunch of teeth. The two next to his top front teeth and the two next to his bottom front teeth and also MOLARS!

He is very responsive.
He will take things to people or bring things to you if you tell him to.
He will go to the tub when I tell him its tub-time.
He will cry when I tell him its bed time.
He will go get his shoes when I say "lets go"
He will go to his highchair when I tell him its time to eat.
Will get a book when I tell him I will read to him.
Make the fishy face or smile if I tell him to.
He weighs 25 pounds (my thinest child yet)
He is 15 months old

Harper does this "fishy" face. I have been trying to get a picture of it for sometime now and finally I was able to snap a shot

I walked in my room and this is what I found.
I loved how Linford has on Brandons socks too.

I love that they love eachother so much
Here are some funny videos.
Yes I encourage this.
I know alot of people think I am crazy, but I want my kids to be
and that includes being
T O U G H and B R A V E.
(mainly for: Grammy & Popps AND Grandma & Grandpa McBride)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Many Many Many

Videos in El Paso

Okay Grammy and Popps
I know you used to see these kids everyday and you keep asking for videos....
so here are a few
They are totally candid so bare with me on this
I hope you enjoy watching them as much as we did.

Special Day

Happy Fathers Day Brandon!!!

I have really noticed my kids need for there father over the past few months.
With him having to work so much we don't get to see him as often as we used to.
They miss him.
I miss him.
when he has his days off
l o v e to l o v e him...
and I love it.
Here are a few
c a n d i d
videos of how they feel about their Daddy-
really cute and kind of funny

We Love you Brandon!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Well Harper is getting to the point where he won't let me "feed" him anymore.
He wants to do it all by himself.
Which he is very capable of....
-T H I S-
Is the result...

This is mainly for Grammy and Popps
I know they are missing being able to see this little guy grow
So here is a little tid-bit of Harper...

June Bugs

June in El Paso

We were at the park.
An ice cream truck came.
(We NEVER buy the over-priced ice cream from the creepy man)
We did this day
My kids were in
h e a v e n

The boys little friend Isaiah and his mom (my friend) Sara invited us to the pool.
This isn't the regular pool we go to every single day (insert boring face).
This was a pool on the military base.
I had to get a pass to get on base, and then we are good for 7 days!
We have been twice with them, and we have had so much fun!
There were slides and all sorts of toys that sprayed water.
The kids had a blast.

I can't get enough of this little dude

Hewitt, Isaiah and Linny

This was
"the big, roundy, windy, twirly-whirly slide"
(in Hewitts words)
He went on this over and over all by himself.
Really made me realize just how big he is.

Taking a break with the push-ups.
Harper was a M E S S

Harper was getting tired.
He's not really a cuddle-bug.
SO when he does
-t h i s-
I have to savor every moment.

Me and the little dudes.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lots and Lots

This past week was a busy one for us...
Busy for us out here in El Paso.
Usually we go swimming twice a day,
with occasional visits to the store and to the park,
and that is about it.
This past week
a "wife and kids" of one of the guys here
came out to visit for a few days.
It was nice to see some new faces,
and for the kids to have some fun friends to play with.

We went out to lunch with these little people
and are they not the cutest kids ever?
Hewitt, Brooklyn, Jace, Linford, Brody, Avery, and Harper

Me and the kiddos

The cuties again
Hewitt, Jace, Linny, Brody, Avery and Harper

Harper and Brooklyn are so cute together.
This is my friend Taryn's little gal and they get along so well.

We went to this awesome park yesterday.
It had little sprayers that the kids could go push a button and cool off.
The kids LOVED it.
Jace, Hewitt, Harper and Linny

I was able to go out with the girls last night to a movie...
a very rare occasion for me out here in El Paso
Christina, Taryn, Heidi, Edelyn, Terra and me

Our Famiily

Our Famiily


Hewitt is our SMART litte 4 year old. He listens and does everything I tell him to. He is the BEST big brother and my big helper too.

Linny Binny

Linny Binny
This little dude keeps us laughing all the time. He just barely turned 2 and He is so sweet and getting so big.


Harper is 7 months old. Easiest baby yet and crawls everywhere and stands up on his own too!


Our BIG Wonderful Doggy. He will be turning 4 in October! We love ya Buddy!

McBride Family

McBride Family
20 grandchildren and 1 on the way! 14 boys and 7 girls.

Brandon and I with Harper at 4 months

Brandon and I with Harper at 4 months

Linford Family

Linford Family
7 grandchildren, soon to be 8! 3 girls and 5 boys