Sunday, March 6, 2011


-March 7th 2009-

Happy Birthday to my Baby Harper
I swear he was just born yesterday, right?
This little guy has brought so much love, happiness and laughter
into our home that I don't even have the words to describe it.
He is so full of himself its quite comical
This little 2 year old acts and behaves well beyond his 2 short years of life
He talks and talks and has us laughing all the time.
He is VERY stubborn
and VERY independent and persistent
He has quite the sense of humor
and he LOVES to show off his dance moves
it is hilarious
We will catch him singing made-up songs all the time
He loves to wrestle
constantly asking,
"WESSO Mommy?"
"WESSO Daddy?"
"WESSO Who-it?"
"WESSO Winfoed?"

He LOVES animals, not afraid of bugs at all
He LOVES dogs, he'll let them lick him all over
(which is quite gross and funny at the same time)
He LOVES sports and superheros (mainly HULK)

Things I hear on a daily basis:

"I don Like that one" (I don't like that one)
"Mon, Mommy, Mon" (C'mon, Mommy, C'mon)
"TOP IT" (Stop it)
"Watch a show?"
"Where daddy go?"
"I hungy" (I'm hungry)
"Ow, it hoooots" (ow, it hurts)
"weed a book?" (read a book?)

I could go on and on
He is so much fun
He is the runt of the bunch
but I think he is almost up to where the other boys were at this age
He weighs 27.8 lbs
and we'll find out all his other percentiles
and his height at his well-child appointment
which I will post then


March 7th 2009

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Natty said...

Oh man he is cute. He has the sweetest little face and smile ever.

Sarah Keith said...


Allie Linford said...

Happy birthday to our sweet boy... He's such a little treasure, perfect in every way. Love that little guy to death.

Jess and Mike said...

One of the cutest little boys I've ever seen!

Chantelle Olsen Peavler said...

So sad how fast they grow! He is such an adorable little guy!

buddhenrie said...

Your boys are so cute, I mean, such studs.

Leah said...

That picure of Payson Onion days is seriously the most precious cutest picture of you two!! Can't believe he is 2! Love him!!

Our Famiily

Our Famiily


Hewitt is our SMART litte 4 year old. He listens and does everything I tell him to. He is the BEST big brother and my big helper too.

Linny Binny

Linny Binny
This little dude keeps us laughing all the time. He just barely turned 2 and He is so sweet and getting so big.


Harper is 7 months old. Easiest baby yet and crawls everywhere and stands up on his own too!


Our BIG Wonderful Doggy. He will be turning 4 in October! We love ya Buddy!

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McBride Family
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Brandon and I with Harper at 4 months

Brandon and I with Harper at 4 months

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Linford Family
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