Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So much F U N

Got together with these gals to watch the
Bachelor Finale
and have some
"girl time"
and it was so much fun
Perfect group
These girls are the kind you laugh with till you cry
and you are your complete self
the only kind of friends to have

Thanks Leah for inviting us over!

Tanya. Jessica, Me, Kim and Leah

Funny Face

Get a load of Leah's face....
hope she doesn't kill me, but I LOVED this!

how do you not love this girl?
She took my camera and took this and I just die laughing when I look at it....
hope she doesn't kill me either

Tanya. Kim, Jessica and Leah
Kim and Jess look freakin awesome in this one

Jessica, Tanya, Leah, Kim and me

Butt shot,
I dunno,
I think we were running out of poses

Tanya, Jessica, Leah, Kim and Me

The Girls

Head Stands

Headstands again
Love this one cause Tanya totally falls on Kim
and everyone is laughing
So much fun!

Love how some people you can have a blast and you don't have to GO anywhere.


Jess and Mike said...

I love this post! And all the pics! I couldn't agree with you more. I am my total self around you all. We should all get together again before everyone leaves for the summer. Kim and i are leaving in April. Let's plan it!

Leah said...

That was seriously the best night. I love all you girls!!! You're my peeps! These pics seriously make my laugh out loud! Thanks for the good times :)

Normally I would kill you for posting such a pic but when you follow it up with Tanya's picture... I don't feel so bad!! Hahaha!

Leah said...

And check out Jess's face in the first headstand pic.... HILARIOUS!! She is REALLY concentrating!

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